Friday, July 4, 2008

Coming back from China Border 3.7.08

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Some pictures before Boten

This the Town call Boten in Laos the last border town to China.It's 3.00pm on 3th. July I reach the Boten. I cross Laos immigration in Boten and cycle to China Border immigration. Sad to say they don't want to renew my visa. A nice lady and speaks good English at the visa counter advise me to go back to Malaysia and get a new Visa. She also try to help me to see other officers to solve my problem. But Sorry it do not work. I start to think what shall I do now. Ok I made decision to go back to Malaysia and got the visa done. I do not want to disappoint my friends and fans who are following my cycling trip to China.
Immediately I hire a Van from Boten to Houei Xai. I paid RM100 for me and the bicycle, and reach at Houei Xai at 11pm. I stay night in Houei Xai and cross the border to Chiang Khong the Thai border by boat. From Chiang Khong I took a local bus to Chiang Rai, I paid 20Rm for me and the bicycle. I stay a night in Chiang Rai to get the morning bus to Bangkok. Morning I took 6.30am bus to Bangkok and reach at 6.30 am the next day. I paid 50RM for the bike and 68Rm for me. I I took a train to Padang Besar at 3.00pm and reach 9.00am the next day. I paid 89RM for me and bicycle 12RM. I was very tried travelling by bus and train for past two days. I stay in Padang Besar a night and took a bus next day from Kangar to Butterworth. Paid about 15RM. I left my bicycle in Padang Besar Hotel. Now I back home in Nibong Tebal. I have arrange my visa in Penang on Monday the same date I arrive in Butterworth. I will get my fast visa on Wednesday for 15days only. No problem I can renew once I enter China. I paid 200Rm for my new visa. I have no plans yet maybe if I have time I may go to China from Hanoi, Vietam border.
The picture below is from Boten to Hauei Xai in Laos. Thanks for your comment. You will see me cycling in China. My next Blog ( ) Please go to my next blog. Thanks

Cycling to Namta to Boten

My last journey out of Laos. I was so eager to see the China Border and the people. I cycle 70km to China Border from Namta. I was also happy to see the sign showing 19km. This old man age is 80 years old, he is making fish traps.Its look like a earth rat. Their best meal.Very few bicycles around here. Two beautiful lady on bike, coming back from work.I have 2km to reach the China Border.

Way to Luang Namta 2

Sometimes I stop in village to rest, I notice there are only children age less than 4 years old and old people in their small houses. Playing all the time with other children. Their parents and sisters go to the hill to work, they come back only when the sun comes down.
The children are so beautiful here and they can say hello!!! only and when I stop they will run a way to their houses.Very seldom you can see this kind of house, most of them are make of bamboos.The shop here sells Laos rice wine. Its cheap and get high fast. The lady is pouring me a pack to try their local wine.Most of time I push the bike, too much hills here. I can only cycle about 60km to 70km a day.

Way to Luang Namta

Foreigners come here for Jungle Tracking by track, I met some nice people from Europe.No! No! I don't want pictures. I am old, says the lady.
Bamboo shoots are favorites food for Laos people.

Becoming Monk

This small boys lives in a Buddha Temple for two years before goes to other Temples. They train here in Ta Fa. Two years they will miss their familys. They believe one family members becoming o monk if good for the family.There is a small house beside the temple, this is the place where the sleep.Every morning they go out to collect food in the near by village. Below is the container the carry to collect food.

Dinner in Ta Fa

Having dinner with a beautiful and loving family.
Traditional way of making clotsThis man too join us in the dinner

Rest day in Ta Fa, Laos

It was a rest day, after cycling for 3 days in a roll. The GH owner family is very friendly with me. I had my meals with them for two days.GH owners wife and baby.One of them in Ta Fa took me to catch fish near river.There is only one TV in Ta Fa. Near by villages come here to watch TV.This picture was taken before I reach Ta Fa Guest House. Half Dead!!!